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Summit Strength and Conditioning Fitness Experts

Summit Strength and Conditioning's Fitness Experts have over 30 years combined experience in the fitness industry. The trainers hold both a MS and BS in Physical Education and are certified by USA Weightlifting, The American Council of Exercise, and American College of Sports Medicine, Aerobic & Fitness Association of America, and TRX Suspension Trainer.

Fitness Trainer - John Jarman

John Jarman

Fitness Trainer

John has over 21 years of experience in the fitness industry. His training philosophy is centered on developing a strong core & balance. All your training sessions will include dynamic & functional exercises designed to stress both your cardiovascular system as well as your muscular system. The program he will develop for you will be based on your fitness goals, needs, & current fitness level. The program will test your limits, both physically & mentally, as your fitness level improves. He will work with you to build a program that meets your fitness and nutritional goals. More »

Fitness Trainer - Jeff Haight

Jeff Haight

Fitness Trainer

I have been in the fitness industry for eight years, starting at 19 during my time in the Navy. I am here to help ensure each one of my clients obtains their fitness goals while enjoying the experience. My goal is to teach correct training principles so you can see a positive transformation and feel the benefits in every aspect of your life. More »

Fitness Trainer - Anna Davenport

Anna Davenport

Fitness Trainer

Anna's training philosophy is centered on developing a healthier lifestyle which isn't something that can be achieved overnight. She wants to help you reach your goals by taking you outside your comfort zone and supporting you through each element of fitness. She creates her workouts with a broad range of focus including small apparatus, resistance training and cardiovascular endurance so each session is not only an intense, rigorous workout but also fun. Anna's goal is to help you on your journey to achieve the "NEW YOU!" More »

Fitness Trainer - Robert Ellington

Robert Ellington

Fitness Trainer

Robert is a passionate trainer with a deep appreciation for the value of physical fitness. With his knowledge and skill, he easily motivates others to achieve their goals and gain understanding of the role that physical fitness plays in both sports and life. More ยป